Anchor Podcast Lab
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Anchor Podcast Lab
A free, quiet space to record in NYC
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A free, quiet space to record in NYC



Anchor gives creators of all experience levels everything they need to make a podcast, including creation tools, one-touch distribution, and unlimited podcast hosting, all in one place (and all completely free). In the summer of 2018, we opened the first Anchor Podcast Lab at our HQ in NYC, creating a free and accessible studio for any podcaster.



We’ve had all kinds of podcasters grace the Anchor Podcast Lab – from supermodel Ashley Graham to actor Ben Stiller. The Lab is already set up when you get here, and so easy to use, you don’t need to be an experienced podcaster to record a great-sounding podcast. We invite all podcasters, new and existing, to come and record with us, for free!


Request a time to record

Right now the Podcast Lab is only operating in New York City, though we hope to find a way to bring the same concept to other cities soon. If you’re nearby and in need of some quiet space and gear, feel free to apply to request a time. Availability is limited; if your application is accepted, we’ll be reaching out.

We can’t wait to meet you and hear your podcast!